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Your celebration of the island

This is the craic then....

THE IRELAND Podcast has been set up for many reasons, namely:


  1. To be a celebration of the island

  2. To offer a glimpse into arguably the coolest island on the planet

  3. To be a champion of positivity

  4. To promote and to dive into the minds of people of all levels of popularity and fame

  5. To celebrate the lives and works of Irish legends - living and otherwise

  6. To challenge the stereotypes

About the presenter...

THE IRELAND Podcast is hosted by the musician, Fender Jackson.


Originally from County Derry, Fender spent five years in Belfast in the early nineties living and working as a musician. He volunteered to go to prison and played bass for The Good Things. They were great, just not that successful and so he went to University of Leeds to study Theatre (Design & Technology). Fender funded his ​way through uni by being a stiltwalker.

Upon completion of his studies Fender headed to London just before the millennium where he failed to get a permanent job in theatre and so he fell onto the career path of project management. This led him from the cutting edge of web development to a job in PricewaterhouseCoopers where he worked as a Knowledge Manager. All the while he performed music in his spare time bringing in elements of his clowning skills where necessary.

Fender quit London and his stilts for China where he spent eight years working as a musician and a performing arts teacher; two and a half of those years included the pandemic. In 2022 Fender signed a contract to work in a top international school in Shanghai, got spooked by the lockdowns and then ran home, but only made it as far as Galway.

Waiting for the phone to ring to ask him to cover absentee teachers in schools Fender grew frustrated by the lack of calls and so he started up The Galway Podcast, mostly just to keep himself entertained but to be a champion of the community too. After eight months he then began the THE IRELAND Podcast where he has been winging it ever since...

...and that's the craic so far, so it is.

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