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4. Sharon Shannon: Musician

First half of a conversation with Sharon Shannon covering her early life on the farm, life in Doolin, Susan O'Neill, how to control eight dogs, Marina Fiddler and Madra, why she makes music, competitive showjumping, being shy as a kid, being vegan, window shopping in her own home, being an ambassador for Madra, resetting herself when at home, learning how to perform, the difference in playing in sessions and playing on stage, life on the road vs. life at home, developing the skills of talking in public, the respect Sharon receives, B/C vs C#/D accordions, her first accordion, music classes in Corofin, what music inspires her currently, Tommy Peoples, Matt Molloy, De Dannan, Stockton’s Wing, Donal Lunny, The Bothy Band, Donegal Fiddlers, Donegal fiddlers vs Clare fiddlers, Altan, fiddle weeks in Glencolumbkille, the recording process, recording with a click track, meeting famous people and being starstruck, her top three favourite performances, megastardom, Seamus Begley, her favourite memory of Sinéad O’Connor and her son Shane, watching Finbar Furey, the times when The Beatles were alone, the times when U2 were alone and other topics.

Sharon is an ambassador for Madra: an organisation which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned dogs. You can find out more information here:

Sharon is also the National Ambassador for Rosabel’s Rooms, a Galway-born child loss project that is reaching out to bereaved parents and families all over Ireland.

The second part of this conversation is available on The Galway Podcast.

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