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5. Ollie Walsh: Social Impact Entrepreneur

A wide ranging interview with Ollie Walsh who is the co-founder and CEO of Pipit Global, a FinTech start up based in Galway. Ollie also consults for and mentors FinTech/Tech/Social Impact founders and companies globally.

Ollie discusses starting up a FinTech company, how he got into this type of work, his competition and the difference in his company, the amount of money required to get people out of extreme poverty, , how markets can turn and how these can affect organisations of huge sizes, the venture capitalist approach to investing, Nigeria and how it will be an even bigger powerhouse in terms of economy and population, how it is virtually risk free for an investor in the UK to invest but there's a greater risk in Ireland, the advantages and challenges of running a FinTech business in Ireland as well as Galway, his interest in Tai Chi and how it is vital for any budding entrepreneurs that they maintain a balanced life, the Portershed in Galway, how covid has changed his method of working as well as other topics.

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